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#1 Thing YOU Can Do To Get A Shorter Sentence

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

This isn't rocket science... but it may be harder than it sounds...

The main thing someone can do to get a shorter sentence is demonstrate remorse and show the judge that they won't commit another crime. But how do you do that?

“If a judge wants to sentence somebody harshly, there’s a factor for that. If a judge wants to sentence someone leniently, there’s something for that, too. So we look at the history and characteristics of the defendant.
You look at what happened in this particular crime. What’s a just punishment? How do you deter? How do you rehab? It’s the opposite of the sentencing guidelines.
Now I’ve got to look at you and your crime and your background and what do you need to end up being a successful citizen of our country.”

- The Honorable Judge Steven Bough

So What's That Mean?

Your judge has wiggle room at sentencing. If your judge likes you then you may get a shorter sentence. Basically I teach you everything you can do to make the judge see your best side. This may be a bit harder than it sounds. The technique includes documenting a positive lifestyle and bringing massive amounts of evidence to the judge showing how well you're living your life now. Our goal is to distance you from your crime as much as possible so the judge can see it is something that will never happen again.

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