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About Brandon Parker

Brandon Public Speaking Prison Insider 1

Brandon Parker dreamed of flying when he was young. At 15 his father drowned in a diving accident. Brandon ran away from home to work at an airport where he washed planes.


He used his pay for helicopter lessons and became the youngest helicopter pilot in the US at the age of 16.

Brandon graduated with honors in Economics from SSU and won the 1st NCAA National Championship in the school's soccer history.


After school he went to work as a commercial flight instructor in California. His all-time favorite job was flight tours in the Grand Canyon.

In 2006 Brandon made a flight across the US with hundreds of pounds of marijuana onboard— 2 years later he was busted and sent to Federal Prison. He spent time in Oakland, Atwater, Lompoc, and Victorville. During his incarceration he volunteered to run the inmate education department where he taught GED.


Brandon down plays the sensational aspects of his crime when people ask. He highlights his poor decision making and wants people to learn from his mistakes and be inspired by life.


Brandon was sentenced to 5 years in prison for smuggling, but his story doesn’t end there...


He spent the next 10 years building a step-by-step guide for people who have been Federally indicted. He often says, “If I had THIS guide when I was arrested, it would have saved me $100,000 and a few years in prison.” 

His course has become the world's #1 Online Sentence Mitigation Course. He says it's because he built it for his past self.

Recently Brandon’s youtube expose on prison food was picked up by the Wall Street Journal. Brandon's career in prison consulting is storied, but it's just beginning. Every time he helps someone get a shorter sentence, he's inspired.


Brandon knows people deserve a second chance. In fact, he’s a perfect example.


The Sentencing GPS is his passion project. He built the course to help people like himself who are in WAY over their heads with a Federal Indictment.


It’s his way to make sure people aren’t punished more harshly then they deserve. The Sentencing GPS is his passion and he continues to add to it as new strategies are available to people who were federally indicted.  

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