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Federal Indictment?

Worried About Prison?

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How to beat the system and get a shorter sentence. Your step by step guide to a shorter sentence in Federal Court.


Let's talk. Planning is VERY important when you deal with the Feds.


I'll answer all your burning questions so you know exactly what to do next.


I'll make sure you're READY before you go to Federal Prison. This step by step guide will show you how to stay safe and
productive during your incarceration.

About Brandon Parker

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Brandon Parker was born in 1980 and was a commercial flight instructor in California and his all-time favorite job was flight tours in the Grand Canyon. 


When Brandon isn't gardening or practicing Jiu Jitsu, he enjoys reading and video production. Brandon’s youtube expose on prison food was picked up by the Wall Street Journal. 


In 2006 Brandon made a daring flight across the US with hundreds of pounds of marijuana onboard— 2 years later he was busted and sent to Federal Prison. He spent time in Oakland, Atwater, Lompoc, and Victorville. During his incarceration he volunteered to run the inmate education department where he taught GED.


Brandon down plays the sensational aspects of his crime when people ask. He highlights his poor decision making and holds himself accountable. He wants others to learn from his mistake and be inspired by life. Though Brandon was sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling, his story doesn’t end there... CLICK Read More


Insider's Guide To Federal Prison

Proven secrets from a former Federal inmate to keep you SAFE in prison.

Insider’s Guide to Prison is a proven, step-by-step system anyone can use to navigate prison life in comfort and security.

White Collar Crime Consultant

Talk to a man who’s been there.


I’ll help you navigate your worst fears and give you the point-blank honesty you need about what really happens in prison.


No topic is off the table, and you’ll walk away with a clear picture of what to expect. Let's talk directly.

Federal Sentence Mitigation

The step-by-step training for perfectly designing your sentencing package and getting a shorter sentence without spending tens of thousands of dollars!

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PDs and Criminal Defense Attorneys should be sending people to this site as a standard practice.

Your passion about helping people is obvious and sincere. I hope to see more stories like this in the future.